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Moving on—Help for Seniors Relocating to Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities

Moving to a new home is stressful in and of itself. When the move involves a senior relocating to a nursing home or assisted living facility, the situation is considerably more complicated, both emotionally and physically. Then, if we add in our COVID protocols, it only gets more intimidating.

Fortunately, a number of companies now specialize in helping seniors and their loved ones move to long-term care facilities, or even relocate to smaller, senior-friendly private homes. Together, these companies are known as Senior Move Managers. The National Organization of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) was formed in 2002. NASMM now comprises Senior Move Management companies across the United States, Canada, and overseas. I am aware of only one company in the Memphis area doing this and I have not had direct contact with them. You may want to check them out, Willow Relocation Services.

According to the NASMM website, Senior Move Managers typically provide all or some of the following services, depending on the particular company and the senior’s specific needs:

  • Creation of an overall move or "age in place" plan

  • Organizing the move, sorting belongings, and downsizing

  • Customized floor plans

  • Arranging for the profitable disposal of items that are no longer wanted through auction, estate sale, consignment, buy-out, donation, or a combination of these methods

  • Interviewing, scheduling and overseeing movers

  • Arrangement of shipments and storage

  • Supervision and oversight of professional packing

  • Unpacking and setting up the new home

  • Related services, which can include cleaning, waste removal, shopping, senior escort, assistance with the selection of a realtor, helping to prepare a home for sale, and more

To learn more about Senior Move Management, the National Organization of Senior Move Managers, and Senior Move Managers in your area, visit

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